Saliva benefits for eyes and skin

Friends thousands of years ago a sage was born – Bhagwat . He had told about the benefits of saliva. You will be surprised when you will know about the medicinal properties of saliva. All the elements in soil are found in saliva. Morning saliva is a medicine for our body so lets know about saliva benefits and saliva health tips.

saliva benefits for eyes and skin

Do you know ? A healthy person produces 1000 to 1500 ML saliva in a day. Saliva contains 98% water and 2 % compounds like enzymes, sputum and electrolyte.

Benefits of saliva | Saliva benefits

Prevention from mouth infection –

If saliva is produced in the right quantity then it does not allow any infection in your mouth. Saliva removes the mouth stench and protects from harmful bacteria.

Saliva is medicine for animals, saliva benefits for animals –

Friends you must have seen that the animals also got wounds, they are also injured. We treat our self by taking various types of medicines but the wounds of animals are cured itself. Why ? If you have ever seen that animals lick their wounds which is the reason of curing their wounds itself.

Quickly heal up wounds –

Apply morning saliva to the place where you got wound, you will get relief very soon. The wounds of diabetic patients do not heal up quickly so once they try this surely they will get benefit from this.

Use of saliva on burning area –

If you got burnt or if you got cut anywhere on your body then don’t wait, instantly apply saliva on the affected area. By this you will get relief very quickly and don’t need any medicine.

Morning saliva benefits for eyes –

Friends now a days this problem has also been seen quite a lot that mostly children’s eyesight is weak, every third person is wearing glasses, so to remove these glasses you have to do just one thing – wake up in the morning and put your morning saliva on your eyes like mascara with fingers. Initially it will look a little strange, but in a few months your eyeglasses will be removed. The research has been done on this and the doctors also said this.

Saliva acts as a lubricant for dry eyes. Morning saliva is more effective because enzymes and salts present in saliva are more dense in the morning. The salivation of the mouth means water produced every time in our mouth is very beneficial. Saliva contains enzymes called Tylen, which is good for digestion. In the morning when you get up, apply   your saliva on your face. You are not sure but this is absolutely right. By applying it regularly, acne, black stains and bloating from your face slowly begin to end. But for its benefit you have to have a little patience and have to put it on a regular basis.

Saliva benefits for abdominal problems –

Friends, the beginning of the disease in our body is from the stomach, if the stomach is right then it is all right. To keep the stomach right, drink water.  But how to drink it, read this carefully. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you have to drink without any rinse. You should drink two to three glasses and by sip-sip not all at a time. It does not let the constipation and do not allow the gas to go into the stomach to prevent acidity. It increases the digestion power. So, as you have read that there are so many benefits of saliva.

Saliva benefits for reducing boil fur –

In the summer, boils become fumes. You can use saliva to get rid of them. In a short time the boils flutter are suppressed. Let me tell you that this is being told to you after a lot of people have experimented with it. The results of this experiment have been very good.

Which organ fixes the wound quickly –

Can you tell that which part of our body fills the wound on its own, or say that it gets cured quickly. Do not know ? Yes it is our tongue because the tongue is constantly in touch with saliva. Therefore its wound is filled well ahead of time.

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Benefits of saliva in the problem of herpes –

Some people have problems of herpes. It comes back often again and again. So for that you apply saliva on your herpes part. After some time the herpes will end with the root. Apart from this, some people’s skin gets burnt due to go in the sun or it gets scorched red on it. It can also be cured with saliva. Saliva of the mouth is actually a good remedy, which can cure all your diseases. You will not need to go out somewhere for this.

Let me tell you that if your salivary gland is not well. If there is dryness then you can be a victim of mouth stone. In such cases, see the doctor.

You may have noticed that people who eat gutka are prey to mouth poison, Why ?  That is because he remains spitting after eating gutka all the day. There is a lack of saliva in their mouth and they become a victim of cancer. If you are suffering from the problem of becoming less saliva then immediately treat it or you can also use Neem’s tattoo in the place of toothpaste. This is what makes saliva in your mouth, you gulp the neem’s saliva which is beneficial for stomach.

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