Diabetes control tips : How to control sugar level

Friends, every third person today is suffering from diabetes. It is important to take care of it on time. Do not carelessly in this disease, because if you have any wounds for any reason or if you have to take some kind of treatment, then there is a very serious consequence of this disease. So take care of yourself and follow the rules given in this post, we wish for your longevity and your good health.

diabetes control tips

Diabetes causes

The cause of diabetes is not to produce enough amount of pancreatic insulin. In this body cells do not respond properly to insulin. This starts increasing the amount of glucose in the body. In this patient gets more urine and feels like hungry & thirsty.

Long term complications – Ulcer, heart attack, kidney failure, eyes related diseases.


In acute complications, the risk of diseases like ketoacidosis, nonketotic hyperosmolar coma etc. remains.

Diabetes types

Friends, there are two types of diabetes –

1 – One in which insulin is not formed in our body.

2 – And the second one in which insulin is formed but there is no use of it or it is formed not in sufficient amount.

Most of the people have high sugar problem. But some people also have the problem of low sugar.

Diabetes control tips

  • Eat brown sugar and brown brad.
  • Drink green tea instead of normal tea.
  • Eat green vegetables regularly.
  • Do not eat more sweet.
  • Regularly do meditation, it stays away from mental stress.
  • Do Yoga regularly, do vajrasan, setubandhasan, sarvangasan etc. regularly.
  • Do the morning walk. Not only you will be healthy, but it is very beneficial for diabetic patients also.
  • Eat neem leaves.


Benefits of Mango in diabetes

  • The tender leaves of the mango tree contain tannins called anthocyanidins that may help in treating early diabetes.
  • Soak the mango leaves overnight and drink that water empty stomach in the morning. This will benefit you very much.
  • You can also make powder of mango leaves. It also helps in controlling sugar.


Benefits of Gooseberry in diabetes

  • Friends, Gooseberry is a treasure from the treasures of Nature. It is very beneficial for us, but for the patient of sugar, it is similar to Sanjivani Buti.
  • Gooseberry is cheap and good in winter. You can eat it in the form of pickle or dry it and make it’s powder.
  • Apart from this, you can also add “aanwala candy” or “aanwala juice” to your diet.
  • The toxic substances are released from the body, by taking it’s juice with 2 pinch of turmeric powder.


A formula tested by UK scientists on many patients –
Make a habit of urinating immediately after eating food. It is very beneficial for our body. It is absolutely true that half of our body diseases will be removed from this habit.


Benefits of Basil in diabetes

  • Basil is a plant which is easily found in every home. All of you will know that there are plenty of medicinal properties found in Basil (Tulsi). Do not do anything, just eat basil 2 to 3 leaves everyday. This will control your sugar, you can also take out its juice and drink it.


100% Sugar Control – 250 grams of Indra Barley, 250 grams almonds and 250 grams of black roasted peeled gram, grind them and take one teaspoon of it with plain water daily. By using it for one month, the sugar will become normal.

A lot of people tried the formula – Take two handfuls of clean wheat of good quality. Now boil them in water. After that, put them on the cloth and cool them down. After this, you should put them in cloth and soak it in water for 2 to 3 days so that the sprout comes out. Now you have to eat this wheat. By this, 80 percent of the people have recovered completely, try this formula for sure. If you eat it for 4 to 5 days, then the problem of heart attack will never happen.

Ladyfinger – Cut 4 to 5 ladyfingers into a glass vessel and keep it in water. The dough will fall in it till the morning. Now drink that water, this water will control your sugar level.

Neem – Brush with neem and giloya sticks, do not remove the water that comes in the mouth while doing the brush, but take it inside. Add it to your routine. By this sugar level remains under control.

Senjana – Friends, you have heard about the name of senjana or drum stick. It is so beneficial for our body that you can not think. Its root flower leaves all benefit quite a lot, which you can not get together with any other thing. It is nothing less than a boon for diabetic patients, it is used for making different types of medicines. You can eat the vegetable of its flowers. Its bean vegetable is also made.

Blackberry – Friends berry is a tree whose leaves, flowers, fruits, kernels all are considered very good in controlling the sugar. Dry the seeds of berries and grind them. Take the powder regularly, you will benefit quite a lot. Take this powder twice a day, it will be of great benefit.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is also a good remedy for diabetes. You may also eat the vegetable of aloe vera. If you want, you can also make a powder of it or you can also drink its juice. It is a guaranteed treatment for sugar control.

Wheat jowar – The Wheat jowar i.e. the wheat is pressed into the soil and the green grass which comes out from it is called the Jowar of wheat. This is a great gift for the patients of sugar. You should also include it in your diet. The jowar of 5 to 7 days will benefit you even more, it reduces the effects of sugar in the blood. You can eat it by taking its juice or similar.

Cannabis leaf – Sugar will always be in control by eating a leaf of cannabis regularly with an almond in the morning.

Fenugreek seeds – Soak fenugreek seeds in a cup of water overnight. Drink that water in the morning and eat fenugreek seeds. Even your sugar level will remain normal by eating it. You can also take powdered fenugreek seeds with milk. But because of its warm effect, it will be better if you use it in the winter.

Cinnamon – Grate cinnamon and you can take cinnamon powder with light hot water at night or boil cinnamon in water and cool it and take that water too.

Do not worry too much. Everyone’s body is different, that is why someone get well from a remedy and someone from another. In this post we have given you many diabetic remedies. To keep you healthy, you have been given the treasure of Ayurveda on behalf of God, use it and take advantage.

Friends, if you like the information given by us, then please share it. If you have any questions then definitely ask. Thanks for reading.


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